What to do with old technology

So you've got a new cell phone, computer, or other new piece of swell new technology. What do you do with the old one? Here's some ideas. Repurpose Computer (Desktop or laptop) * Turn it into a home file server - There are several ways to do this. You can leave it running Windows and setup file sharing and use it as a place to store backup files. * Run Linux. If you've had an urge to do some tinkering around with something different, try installing the open source operating system, Linux. There are plenty of easy to install distributions that can bring new life back to old computers.

Welcome to the mind of FERG

Welcome all to the re-launch of my blog, The mind of FERG. I'll be sharing my thoughts and reviews of technology, news commentary, and any quirky items that I may find that are of interest. Please feel free to suggest any ideas you would like to hear about or questions that you may have. I hope you'll find the content here entertaining and informative. FERG


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